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Guru Padmasambhava Pharping Asure Cave Tour

Do you want to spend few hours while in Kathmandu in the place which has been a famous pilgrimage to the spiritual seekers? do you want to touch the land where the blessed ones got

Nepal’s Airlines flew Japan after 12 years

Kathmandu: Nepal’s national flag carrier airbus 330 (wide-body) has landed in Osaka, Japan Thursday after 12 years. On Thursday morning, at 2:30 a.m. Nepal Air Corporation’s Airbus-330 (Wide-body) flew to Osaka,

Latest Entry Protocol for Nepal Trekking & Mountaineering

Entry Protocol for Mountaineering Expeditions and Trekking in Nepal   updated today 16 Oct by Nepal Government  as follows. As per the information released by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and

Road to Nepal Arriving Kathmandu Part 1

At the foot of the Himalayas (ep. 1). Road to Nepal and arriving at Kathmandu

"And you go to Nepal! Why ? You've been three times... "" Because I like. It's a country where I return every time with the same pleasure. "

Road to Nepal Arriving Kathmandu Part 2

As I said in yesterday's article , Kathmandu was love at first sight. Yes, it may sound strange, chaotic, dirty for someone who lives in villages Scandinavian or

Road to Nepal Arriving Kathmandu Part 3

Bhaktapur is a city-museum more than Patan. If Patan, the old market is made up of some streets in the area, Bhaktapur, more precisely, a good part of it is a city-museum,

Why the British never colonized Nepal

After conquering India and fighting two wars against the Gorkhali Army, the victorious British did not colonize what's now Nepal, for good reason .When the British East India Company, led by Robert