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10 reasons for travelling to nepal

10 Reasons to Travel Nepal

There are 100 of reasons to travel Nepal considered as one of the most beautiul country in world. here are 10 hot reasons among them that supports your visit to Nepal and can inspire  .

80 Days in Himalayas

How Many Days you want to take a vacation while covering Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan as a tourist ? & what is the longest   itinerary most of the tour operator designs to their clients seeking to explore the himalays???

Ghandruk listed Asia’s 13 most beautiful

Kathmandu: Ghandruk, a beautiful village of Kaski district in Gandaki province has been enlisted as one of the top 13 most beautiful tourist destinations in Asia according to an international America based news media- CNN.

Helicopoter Tour in Nepal

Adventure Himalayan helicopter flight over the Himalayas is a unique and adventurous way to see the mountains as you gain access to areas that traditional flights and trekkers cannot access.

Himalayas & Available Tours Treks

Himalayas offers more then fifty mountains Exceeding 7,200 Meters in elevation. it has 10 of the fourteen eight thousand peaks total distant of the himalayan range is 2400 kilo meters .

Parks entry fees in Nepal

Park Entry of Nepal National Parks and conservations areas, wildlife reserve , hunting places , restricted area etc can be find in the Nepal Tourism Board office, Immigration office, Trekking agents office and in the concerned area entry point . here we have brought a detail informations about the entry cost to different parks of Nepal

Road to Nepal Arriving Kathmandu Part 2

As I said in yesterday's article , Kathmandu was love at first sight. Yes, it may sound strange, chaotic, dirty for someone who lives in villages Scandinavian or

Road to Nepal Arriving Kathmandu Part 3

Bhaktapur is a city-museum more than Patan. If Patan, the old market is made up of some streets in the area, Bhaktapur, more precisely, a good part of it is a city-museum,

Why the British never colonized Nepal

After conquering India and fighting two wars against the Gorkhali Army, the victorious British did not colonize what's now Nepal, for good reason .When the British East India Company, led by Robert

world's 1st woman to scale Mt. Everest, dies at 77

Japanese alpinist Junko Tabei, the first woman in the world to scale the peak of Mt. Everest, died of peritoneal cancer at a hospital in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, on Thursday. She was 77.