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Start your tibet tour with looking our official Video .The highest country in the world is also one of the most mysterious and well-preserved serving as the traditional home to the Dalai Lama and the timeless Potala Palace draped in sacred mountains. Forbidden to travelers until recently, the name Tibet is often associated with a sense of secrecy waiting to be unlocked. Follow in the footsteps of spiritual pilgrims as you make timeless trips to countless holy sites while learning more about the mysterious Tibetan lifestyle with an authentic visit. Decipher the traditional thangka paintings and admire the traditional art, handicrafts and architecture of these traditional people. Follow in the footsteps of the spiritual Dalai Lama as you explore the sacred religious sites in Lhasa. Explore some of the world’s most secluded monasteries to learn about the life and teaching of the traditional Buddhist monks. Known for its spiritual mystery, Tibet is also home to timeless holy lakes, stunning mountains and curious mountain wildlife that will combine the spiritual with natural beauty and adventure to make for a rewarding experience for all travelers.

Experience the ultimate BMW GS adventure in the Himalayas! An opportunity to ride the Himalayan Range as well as explore cities renowned for their culture and the mystical charm they…
True to its nickname, “the Roof of the world―, Tibet is the highest plateau in the world with an average altitude in excess of 3500 meters. Lying to the north…
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