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Nepal serving as the nexus of Buddhist and Hindu culture and traditions makes an ideal location for those looking for a traditional Hindu or Buddhist Marriage either as an official ceremony or a first hand way to experience a new culture. Unlike most weddings, Nepalese nuptials vary from region to region, religion to religion and caste to caste with each having its own influence that can only be found in Nepal. We are proud to offer a wide range of traditional ceremonies that connect the bride and groom on a spiritual and traditional basis while incorporating the timeless rituals of Nepal. 

Hindu Marriage

In Hinduism, a marriage is regarded as an essential celebration uniting not only the bride and groom but also their respective families. Weddings are traditionally performed from January to March or April to June on auspicious dates in accordance with the Vedas of Hinduism. These celebrations dating back thousands of years and are performed near a sacred ritualistic fire located under a canopy. Puja religious ceremonies are essential to the wedding as both newlyweds receive special blessings from friends and family to wish them a long and happy marriage.
The traditional bridal gowns are a striking bright red color and brides typically wear a wide range of stunning jewelry. The bridge and groom will be escorted to the ceremony by a large horse drawn carriage followed by a procession of cars and vehicles as the crowd of guests sings traditional folk songs. After the ceremony we will arrange a large traditional party so everyone can share in the happiness of the newlyweds.

Buddhist Marriage

By practice Buddhists tend to be more personally reserved and the wedding ceremony is less of a celebration and more of a ceremonial bond between the bride and groom. Although quiet, weddings are remarkably large ceremonies and often attended by all family friends and acquaintances. The procession takes place in a traditional monastery and performed by a monk who will perform all the traditional puja rituals for the traditionally dressed bridge and groom. At sunrise a butter lamp is lit and accompanies the couple during their wedding glowing as romantic traditional music is played to create the proper atmosphere for the bride and groom to celebrate their lifelong commitment.

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