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Banker Magazine Chooses Nepali as Best Finance Minister” 2016

Former finance minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat has been announced as the 'Best Finance Minister' globally. and this award has been handed to him in a special programe in London .

ram sarahan

The Banker magazine on its press statement said that it has selected Mahat as the best finance minister not only in Asia Pacific region but also globally.
The award has been given for Mahat and his team's 'significant work carried out following the catastrophic earthquakes this year, his pro-activity in making Nepal's challenges known after the natural disasters, and the resilience of Nepal's economy following these calamities', the press statement further said.
The magazine further said that a global survey was carried out to select the winner.

The Banker has been the premier monthly magazine on global finance since 1926, and is owned by the world-renowned Financial Times group.

The award has been widely appreciated and criticized at same time by manay Nepali economist

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