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How much should i tip guide and porter?

Every one booking their tour, trekking , hiking any outdoor activities will ask their agent about how much they have to tip their workers like Guide and porter? . agent gives an idea based on their own judgment .

Locals usually do not tips to local Nepalese for using them in any types of work but with foreigners tips is expected specially in tourism industry.
Most of the tourist restaurant already add a 10 percent service charge to their bills so this 10 percent should be shared with the staffs and foreigners are not compulsory to give extra funds as tips.
On a Tea House or Lodge trek it is common to see a box for tips. It is a nice gesture to leave a tip to show appreciation for their service.
there is no custom to tip the housekeeping staff or hotel porters who carry your bags , although tips is certainly appreciated like 1- 5 USD, airport transfer cab also expect tips same size .

Unlike the service staff in town, your trekking staff will probably expect some form of gratuity for a job well done. A good guide and team can make or break your trekking experience -- perhaps one of the primary reasons you came to Nepal.
most of the Trekking staffs from their company they are working with gets salary as per the rule of labor rule in Nepal but also to appreciate the hard work of guide and porter one is encourage to tip their staffs . you can give tips separately to guide and porter as much as you like so there is no doubt if Guide takes some from their innocent porter .

Along with giving cash, you may also leave behind pieces of gear that you no longer need. If you purchased gloves or other gear specifically for your trek and are ready to leave Nepal for warmer climates, consider giving your team the extra equipment -- they’ll put it to good use!

Tipping in Nepal is still not entirely customary and may even cause embarrassment in some instances, tips should be given in a discreet manner. Don’t showboat your generosity; instead, put your gift into an envelope or discreetly take the recipient aside. You may find that they simply stuff the envelope or gratuity into a pocket without counting or acknowledging it in front of you.
Always tip in Nepali rupees -- the local currency -- rather than currency from your own country. Read about how to quickly find the official exchange rates for a country.

When tipping trekking staff, show your gratitude on the last evening of your hike rather than as everyone is saying goodbye. Some staff members may not be available the next morning and may miss out on the tip. If you did your trek with other tourists, you can pool money together to tip as a group.
As a suggestion, we advise you to allocate an amount of 5 - 10% of the total package price for tips.The amount you give depends on your budget and appreciation of their work.
For example: If your Package Price is $1000, 10% of the package price means you would bring an extra $100 to distribute in tips. You would exchange this money for rupees and carry it on your trek to distribute on the last day. You may want to carry some envelopes to put the money in.
The tips staffs gets today can be the source for them to encourage and do more good in more future trips they walk . it is a way to keep making the industry alive and hopeful.
some time a Guest ask the agent how much to tips Guide and porter and it is very hard for the agent to tell the exact number so generally 5-15 percent of the total cost you spend in your package you can contribute to staffs . more or less are upon travelers own budget and satisfactions.

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