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Hustle and bustle in Manaslu

Last Year in the year 2021 at the end of September big news came from Manaslu where a renowned climber Mingma G and his team reached the True summit of the Manaslu after a long gap.Famous IFMGA Guide came with a video from the top as a proof. there was not doubt about the this point being the top of the mountain

.almost every one agreed ,  the data banks of the himalayan climbers, journalist or entrepreneur and climber themselves

Legendary Mingma G Team made it to the summit 45 years after the first true ascent on Mt Manaslu in autumn season by Iranian and Japanese joint expedition in 1976. Till 2020, all climbers seems enjoying the summit pic in the  fore-summit, about 10m below the real summit of Mt Manaslu,

manaslu tru summit

Most of expeditions including the achievement of famous climbers like Nirmal Purja , Mingma David Sherpa, Mingma Sherpa, his brother Chhang Dawa Sherpa, Sanu Sherpa or Renowned German climber Ralf Dujmovits all summit proved as reaching the fore summit and to prove their real summit all the veterans , guide are in the quee to make their summit this year.

Inorder to make the real summit , 2022 september is turning out to be a busy time for Manaslu . till the date Nepal’s Department of Tourism has issued 383 climbing permits for Manaslu to foreign climbers, it is estimated that the climbers number can reach upto 600 or more .

It's quite difficult for all climbers to make it to the tiny summit at 8,163 m in a very short window as the real summit point can accommodate only two persons at a time. That's very risky," climbers agreed.

To recover the lost recognition Manaslu is now turning to be a mountain city with the different color tents in its base camp and highest permit issued ever in its climbing history .

The Elite Expeditions Team has already fixed the rope to the true summit and climbers are near to begin their journey to the real summit some time soon as the weather gets better .Celebrety Nirmal purja also known as nims dai seems to have done the Manaslus real summit Last year .

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