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Volunteering in Nepal creates a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Although a proud and diverse country, Nepal has struggled to keep up with international standards in areas such a technology, education, social programs and medical treatment due to limited resources and harsh climate. Volunteering allows you to make an actionable difference by providing skills that can help Nepal thrive while experiencing everything the culture and friendly people have to offer.

As children are the future for Nepal, many volunteers are needed to help children develop a positive outlook on life while learning more about the outside world. Programs allowing you to serve as a role model for these children are crucial and increasingly popular ways to give your time for the future of Nepal. You may choose to work in a children’s home located outside of Kathmandu to serve as a role model to the children helping with their day to day needs including medical care, meal preparations, activity planning and basic cleaning. You will also have a chance to help with their homework and play with the children in afterschool games and activities. We also offer an English teaching program where your time will be spent developing your students English skills. The aim of these programs is to create an education that provides actionable results and will lead to positive changes in the lives of these children. As English aptitude is widely required for positions in Nepal, you will be giving back to the community by providing children what they need to be successful in the future.

As many regions of Nepal are victim to harsh surrounding, maintenance and foundation restoration projects are always available if you are willing to lend a hand. Projects are usually arranged with local communities and offer you the chance to work with small groups of volunteers and villagers to fix any problems while learning about the traditional methods of repair and maintenance. This may include working to rebuild houses, bridges or potentially river and farm work. Occasionally projects include building schools, drainage projects and even water infrastructure programs. If interested, you can also educate the locals on the latest environmentally friendly methods such as compost collection, proper waste disposal and recycling.

The final program is a home stay program enabling you to stay with a host family in a remote village for an extended period of time. This is the best way to obtain first hand knowledge about local life, custom and language. During your stay you will learn about Nepali culture, food and will be provided with 4 hours of daily language lessons to help you communicate with your new family. As the program is an exchange, feel free to share any information about your home culture, as locals are often very interested to hear about life outside of Nepal. Programs can be arranged for two to four weeks with most placements available from August to December. This is also the peak celebration and festival season so you will have the chance to celebrate timeless traditions with your new family.

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